Mountain Style

I invite you to see photos of my work and read about my design philosophies in Mountain Style. Mountain Style: Panoramic views, high ceilings, exposed timber, and sophisticated design are all part of the rich tapestry of today's mountain homes. This Park City, Utah home combines several different styles into one harmonic convergence, "high-elevation Southwestern style" with distinct elements of Arts & Crafts. [pages 107-111]

Wabi Sabi Style

Wabi Sabi Style: Wabi and sabi are Japanese design elements that raise rusticity to a new level. Lacking the crudeness generally associated with things rustic, they imply an earthiness that is the ultimate in sophistication. This organic quality was essential to the overall success of this home photographed for Wabi Sabi Style. [pages 44-47, 51]

Western Art & Architecture

Park City Modern: Clean modern lines, contemporary western art, and a respect for nature create a home that's a work art. [Fall/Winter '09] - pages 100-106]

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