“I've always felt that Marilyn really listens to my needs and pays attention to my budget. She has so many great resources and artisans who have made my homes very personal and comfortable”


“Marilyn easily collaborated with owners, architects, and contractors, all with opinions and preferences. She created beautiful, comfortable spaces, using the seasonal colors of the mountains. We love our home and have recommended her to our friends.”


Marilyn Lewis was exposed to the fine arts at an early age, when her love of music, art and design were nurtured and encouraged. After attending the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, interior design programs, she was hired by a prestigious design firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As a senior designer she gained valuable experience in the design of vacation homes at the Vintage Club in Rancho Mirage, California and many other high caliber residential projects. Marilyn is from a family of entrepreneurs and so, in 1989, felt compelled to establish her own design firm and rapidly developed a reputation as a business person of character and professionalism.

Marilyn has received numerous design awards, but values most the following of her loyal clients with whom she has collaborated. Her design philosophy is simple and unpretentious: “When I focus on the client, personal style, the interiors I create are much more interesting and authentic. In the end, that is more satisfying to the client as well as myself.

Whatever your style or preferences, Marilyn will put her talent and skilled artisans to work to create functional, comfortable, and dramatic interiors especially for you.”

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